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Bathing with Beliefs

We fiercely believe in:

Body Positivity & Self Love

Self love is not just for one body type, or skin colour, or sexual orientation, or gender. We are all amazing, beautiful, and have something to offer the world. We are all worthy. There's no wrong way to have a body, all bodies are good and valid, and all bodies deserve to be loved.

Empowering & Supporting Women

We support, and strive to empower women. Women are our community, not our competition. Everyday we are inspired by the amazing women we come across. These women include our wonderful Soda Babes, as well as other women makers being absolute QUEENS and running their own businesses. All women deserve to be lifted by their sisters, including trans women, women of colour, sex workers, women with disabilities, and women from other marginalised groups - ALL women.


One of the co-founders of SCS is a queer woman, and our other co-founder is an ally. LGBTQIA rights are super important to us. We're so lucky to have been able to celebrate the LGBTQIA community through our products, and have donated proceeds to assisting LGBTQIA youth. We are proud, and we celebrate! But we couldn't celebrate today if it weren't for those who fought hard before us. We owe so much to the people who have literally risked their lives for LGBTQIA rights through riots and protests and speaking out, especially trans people, people of colour, sex workers and other minority groups within the community. We thank and honour these brave folks

Animal Welfare

Choosing animal-free cosmetics and bath products is a great way to reduce our impact on the lives of our animal friends, and the environment. All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, and never tested on animals. Our raw materials are also purchased from suppliers who also reject animal testing. We've selected vegan substitutes for ingredients which deliver cosmetic benefits that match, or even exceed, those of their animal-derived counterparts.

Environmental Sustainability

We can proudly state that, from the day SCS was born, we've put Mother Earth first. We have always used biodegradable glitter (never micro-plastics) in our products, which are made entirely from other readily biodegradable ingredients. We've also always used biodegradable cellophane, which is our first choice for packaging, and we use cardboard and  recyclable plastic packaging for the rest. Our parcels are padded out with biodegradable packing peanuts too. Sadly, these measures aren't the standard in the cosmetics industry, though we hope one day they will be. We are small, and we are not perfect, but we're trying our best to make sure we minimise our impact on our the environment. We will never prioritise profit over the planet.

Being Charitable 

Each month, we nominate a non-for-profit as our Charity Of The Month. They usually tie in with our beliefs. At checkout, customers will have the option to round-up their order to the nearest dollar to make a small donation to our nominated Charity Of The Month. You can check out our current COTM on our home page.