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4 Self Love Date Ideas – Be Your Own Dream Date

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Oh hello, Valentine's Day. I see you've brought your friend, societal pressure! That's just greaaaat. *laughs nervously*

Okay so Valentine's Day can defs make us feel a bit weird sometimes, regardless of relationship status (which 100% does not define you, btw). But what if I told you, it's actually the perfect opportunity to take yourself on a self love Dream Date? No one knows what you like more than you do, and no one deserves your love and attention more than you do, too.

YASSS QUEEN! I'm TOTALLY taking myself on a date! Gimme some ideas!

Okay so first things first, clear your timetable! Block out the time you want to go on your self love date in your calendar. Schedule at least 4 hours ideally, because you want some proper ~quality time~ in with your fine self – any longer is a bonus. And yes, I totally get life is unpredictable sometimes, but as a general rule: No cancelling or rescheduling! You may find it a lot easier to bail on yourself than on a friend or lover, but this date is !! IMPORTANT !! so do your best not to flake out on yourself.

Now, check out these sweet date ideas for every budget!

1. The Foodie Date

coffee in a pink cup on a spotted background. There's a spoon holding a heart shaped candy in it.

So you love to chow down! I totally geddit. Nourishing yourself with some delicious food is one of the best ways to show yourself some love. Take yourself to your favourite restaurant or café, or try that new place you've been checking out. Many people find eating alone quite liberating once they've overcome any initial anxiety about it. But if you're overwhelmed by the idea of eating out alone, and feel like you're not ready to overcome that just yet: Helloooo cooking for one! Cooking for yourself is the bomb, because you don't have to worry about what other people like or dislike. You can cook your favourite food, exactly the way you like, and not have to share the deliciousness with anyone else  fuck yes!

Tip: If you're cooking, make sure you have all the ingredients you need on hand to avoid last minute grocery-runs and other bullshit that could interrupt your date. Also, remember that your date is a shame-free zone. This is a date, not a diet, and you're choosing food that makes your belly and heart feel happy. Now munch on!

2. The Adventurer Date
pink converse shoes with black shoelaces on a concrete floor.
Do you love roaming the city streets, or hiking, or going for long drives or train trips? This can be a pretty spectacular, budget-friendly date to take yourself on. Taking in the sights at your own pace while enjoying your own company can feel so freeing. If you've been putting off a hike or a day trip because you haven't been able to muster up a buddy keen to go with you, fuck it! Now's the time to get your glorious butt out there!
Tip: Make sure your phone is fully charged and bring a portable charger if you have one  – you may be inclined to take some snaps or selfies while you're out and about on your date, but you may also need it for emergencies. If you're hiking or travelling out of town on your own, always tell someone where you're going and what time you expect to be back. Oh, don't forget to bring dat H2O!
3. The Photoshoot Date
woman with black hair tied up, wearing a denim jacket, standing against a pink wall
Book yourself a solo photoshoot. Now I've not personally done this, but I've seen so many of my friends do this, and the results are phenomenal. Not only do the photos always turn out fucking amazing (like seriously), the way my pals feel after seeing themselves in these photos just warms my lil heart. You can research different photographers or studios and get some ideas on what sort of shoot you'd like to do (fantasy, boudoir, pinup etc.) Watch yourself rock clothes you never thought you could pull off, wear bold colourful makeup, bring out your inner sexy fucking minx, or bring your favourite fictional character to life. This date is one that may require a bit of stepping out of your comfort zone and some cash, but so so worth it if you can manage.  Confidence boosting and realising your true beauty awaits!
Tip: Check reviews or ask friends for recommendations on photographers or studios before booking, as you want to make sure you're going to be working with someone cool on this date.
4. The Indoors Date

pink bathtub with plants and soap decorating the edge. a blue and purple bath bomb is swirling in the water.

(Bath bomb pictured is Nourish To Flourish 800g Bath Bomb - Limited Edition)

So you hate people and you're allergic to being outside. That's totally fair. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on having your own self love Dream Date™! This date idea can be as simple or as ~fancy~ as you like. Start by taking a bit of inspo from The Foodie Date above and cook yourself your fave meal, or if you cbf cooking, you can order something in. Queue up your favourite songs on Spotify or YouTube, or get ready to binge some Netflix. Maybe you wanna keep things analogue and read a book. Run yourself a bath or take a long shower (we can help with that) and get out your favourite toy, if that's your jam. The possibilities for this date are really endless. Just remember to make it special and different to a regular night in!

Tip: The Indoors Date is perfect on its own, though it would be a totally amazing Part II to any of the other above mentioned dates!

At any time on your chosen date, write yourself a positive affirmation, a short message of love, or a few things you love about yourself. Fold it up and put it somewhere for you to read the following morning to keep the self love momentum going. If you dig this, you could try and make a habit of it.

Got your own self love Dream Date™ idea? Drop it in the comments below! 

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